Buyer's Guide for the Lavi Industries Retractable Belt Barriers
"Beltrac® 3000" & "Contempo"

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The Beltrac® 3000 is the most popular, made in the USA, patented stanchion that you have probably seen at any US airport.

The continuous aluminum extrusion provides superior strength and rigidity to withstand the most extreme environments. The 14" sloped and 14.5" slim base is stylish, yet underneath the surface sits a solid, 18 lb. cast-iron foundation that offers best-in-class stability and longevity. The original Beltrac 4-way dovetail grooves allow quick addition of accessories, gates, merchandising bowls, a rigid bar in place of the belt, etc.

What to know before placing an order:

The difference between Beltrac and Contempo is that Contempo post is basically the same stanchion, but the tube is round without the dovetail grooves and it has a few more base options like 12" round base. There is also an economy line post Basic and Utility that also have a round base.


For applications where customer will be waiting in the line we don’t recommend a polished (chrome or brass) finish, because it’s like having a big mirror on the floor, satin finish or black doesn’t have that issue. We can also combine finishes, a satin chrome base with a polished chrome post.

The Slim base posts can only be shipped assembled.

Contempo post, in addition to the same bases also has a 12" round base.

Stanchion Bases

Lavi Beltrac Stanchion Bases

Rope Stanchions

Lavi Rope Stanchions

Extra Long Belt Barriers

Lavi JetTrac Extra Long 65 ft. Belt Barrier

Wall Mounted Barriers

Lavi Wall-Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

Partition Posts and Panels

Lavi Beltrac Partition Posts and Panels

Removable, Permanent and Magnetic Stanchion Mounting

Lavi Stanchion Mounting Options



Belt Length, Colors, Custom Belts.

Belt length, colors, custom belts


Lavi Belt Stanchion Accessories

Replacement Parts

Lavi Beltrac Replacement Parts

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