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Belt Length, Colors, Custom Belts (For Lavi Industries Retractable Belt Barriers)

Belts are standard 2" wide. There are only 2 options of belt length for the stanchions, 7' ft. and 13' ft. For the wall mounted units, there are 18, 24 and 65' ft. options.

The diameter of the post is:

  • 7' ft. post - 2.75" dia.
  • 13' ft. post - 3.25" dia.
Lavi Post Diameter

This is important to know if you need to add accessories to the post like a sign frame (the mounting bracket will be different depending on the diameter) or in ordering the replacement belts.

When designing your waiting line you have to keep 6" to 12" inches of the belt inside the post. So as if someone will push on the belt it will not pull and flip the post, but it will retract and absorb the change.

Standard Belts Colors

Lavi Belt Color Swatch

Custom Design Belts (This applies only for Lavi Industries products)

Lavi Custom Belts

Belts can be printed with your design, Lavi Industries uses a digital process called dye-sub, it prints on both sides of the belt with unlimited number of colors.

If you want to order custom printed belts, we will add it to your order manually. The standard lead time is 2 weeks from the time you approve the proof.

Pricing: one time setup fee for each unique design is $185 (we keep your design on file, if you want to reorder the same belt next time, the setup fee is $50), plus for each belt printing charge: 7' ft. belt - $17, 13-18' ft. belts - $27.

65' ft. belt for Lavi Jettrac can also be custom printed with your design or any solid color. The setup fee is the same $185, for each belt printing the charge is $125, minimum order is 4 belts. Lead time is 18 business days from receipt of order and approved mock-up.

This is how the process works:
We can imprint belts with full-color, photographic images. Our superior imaging techniques produce colors that are rich and vibrant and text that can be readable at smaller sizes. Belt art can be radically different than what is normally produced for traditional silk-screening, so we have provided some guidelines to the right. Our Graphics Team is standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have about producing art that will take full advantage of this new process. We can also produce custom art to your specifications. Please contact your sales representative for more details

File Format:
Full-size, full-color RGB or CMYK art at 150dpi in MAC or IBM formats. All text must be converted to outlines. Please embed any icc profiles associated with the file. Please do not send jpeg art or pdf documents.
Vector art: .ai or .eps files only
Raster art: .psd, .tif, or .eps formats

Custom Belt Specification

Belt Height: Lavi belt height is 2" inches. Wider belts are available from other brands (3" wide retractable QueuPro Xtra, 6” wide Tensabarrier889PB).