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FlexPro & FlexMaster

Expanding Barricades FlexPro & FlexMaster

Expanding Barricades FlexPro & FlexMaster, available in materials of plastic, aluminum and steel.

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Steel Barricades

These Barricades are built from heavy gauge steel

Hot-dipped galvanized inside and out for long-term weather resistance. Frames are made from 1.5" OD 16 gauge steel tubing, while uprights are made from 1/2" OD 16 gauge steel tubing.

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Different Colors and Extended Heights

The portable expanding barricade system is providing effective safety, security, reduce accidents and work zone identification.

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Heavy-Duty ConstructionCrowd Control Barriers

The Retracta-Cade is made in America: they’re manufactured from rust-proof anodized aluminum and HDPE impact-resistant plastic, and designed to withstand heavy use and the outdoor elements.

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"Movit" & "Minit"

Plastic Crowd Control Barriers

The Movit® Barricade, the premier plastic crowd control solution in the US market. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Movit® barricade's patented design (U.S. Patent No. 9,771,736) is the most visually appealing pedestrian barricade available today.

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Portable Safety Zone Retractable

Efficiency - faster, easier site securement means less set up time and more efficient work time.

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