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nextrac in-queue merchandising

NeXtrac In-Queue Merchandising

Portable modular store fixtures for your checkout queue.

  • Create angles, corners and turns using unique hinged slatwall panels.
  • Slim double-sided design maximizes sales per square foot.
  • Seamlessly integrates merchandising, signage, wayfinding, and queueing.

Capitalize on your customer's attention to trigger impulse buys with NeXtrac store fixtures.

A customer in your checkout queue is a captive audience: you have their time, their attention, and (soon), their wallet. There’s no better time to offer a series of impulse purchases—and capitalize on their intentions. In-queue selling increases impulse buying up to 400%—and at Lavi, we provide the hardware. Our NeXtrac store fixtures are flexible, lightweight, and long-lasting. You can easily integrate them into any existing queue, or move them onto your retail floor for versatile standalone merchandising. By keeping waiting customers busy, you reduce perceived wait-times, too.

Modular and portable, Lavi’s store fixtures empower you to elevate the customer experience, increase engagement, and generate impressive ROI. Learn more about how NeXtrac merchandising and signage systems can transform your queue into a cash cow today.

NeXtrac Slatwall & Accessories

nextrac slatwall panel
Hinged Slatwall Panel

NeXtrac® double-sided slatwall features 1" slats, providing more usable space for your merchandise plan-o-grams. Lightweight, low-profile aluminum.

nextrac merchandising post
Beltrac Merchandising Posts

Beltrac Merchandising Posts have an extra rigid base connection to handle the stress of heavy loads when using NeXtrac Merchandising Panels.

nextrac wire basket display
Wire Basket End Cap Display

Quickly attaches to Merchandising Posts or Store Gondolas to add impulse merchandising to the end of your NeXtrac merchandising displays.

nextrac slatwall shelves
Slatwall Shelves

Our sturdy slatwall shelves feature enclosing sides that keep impulse merchandise on the shelf and at your customers' fingertips.

nextrac wire magazine rack
Wire Magazine Rack

Create an impactful magazine display with our Magazine Rack. Easily attaches to a standard stall and holds 10 outward facing titles.

nextrac acrylic bin
Acrylic Bin

Increase merchandising area and maximize the sales per square foot on your NeXtrac slatwall by adding acrylic bins on top.

nextrac wire slatwall shelf
Wire Slatwall Shelf

Our Slatwall Basket gives you instant flexibility to merchandise bulk retail items to your customers as they wait in the check-out line.

nextrac slatwall hook
Slatwall Hook with Label Holder

Heavy duty Slatwall Hooks are constructed from heavy-gauge, welded steel. Fits all standard slatwall.

NeXtrac Signage Systems

Post Top Sign Frames
Post Top Sign Frames
Slatwall Signage
Slatwall Signage
End Cap Signage
End Cap Signage

NeXtrac Merchandising Bowls

nextrac merchandising bowl large
Large Merchandising Bowl

Large Merchandising Bowls make it easy to add impulse merchandise right into your queue. Available with signage options.

nextrac merchandising bowl small
Small Merchandising Bowl

Small 8" Merchandising Bowls are the right size for small, loose merchandise such as candy or gum. Available with signage options.

nextrac merchandising bowl wire
Wire Merchandising Bowl

NeXtrac Wire Bowls are perfect for displaying fruit in the queue. Open wire mesh showcases the fruit while allowing it to breath. Available with signage.

nextrac acrylic bowl divider
4-Way Acrylic Bowl Divider

Display up to 4 different products neatly and cleanly in the same merchandise bowl. Instantly snaps into our large 12" bowl to create 4 distinct sections.

NeXtrac Store Gondolas

portable store gondola 4 feet
4-Foot Portable Store Gondola

Boost impulse sales and increase ROI with portable store gondolas that fit anywhere in the store. Fits 48" wide standard slatwall shelves.

portable store gondola 2 feet
2-Foot Portable Store Gondola

Our slim store gondola fits in tight spaces to boost impulse sales wherever it goes. Fits 24" wide standard slatwall shelves.

portable store gondola link
Store Gondola Link

Use the Gondola Link to seamlessly connect two or more NeXtrac portable gondolas together, creating long runs for your merchandise aisles.

NeXtrac Wire Grid & Accessories

nextrac gridwall panel
Slat Grid Merchandising Display

NeXtrac's wire slat grid is perfect for merchandise or gift card displays and accommodates most standard slat hooks, shelving, and baskets.

nextrac gridwall basket
Wire Gridwall Basket

Our Gridwall Basket attaches to a standard gridwall providing the perfect space to display small impulse items at your customer's fingertips.

nextrac gridwall hook
Gridwall Hook

Heavy duty Gridwall Hooks are constructed from heavy-gauge, welded steel. Fits all standard gridwall including our NeXtrac Gridwall panels.

NeXtrac's versatility will take your front-end merchandising plan from concept to reality faster than you think. Using your existing Beltrac stanchions, just add base merchandising displays, then choose from our extensive selection of merchandising accessories to create the perfect in-queue merchandising solution. You'll see an immediate increase in revenue — up to 400%.

Merchandising plan change? Queue layout change? No problem! NeXtrac's modularity allows you to quickly move, swap, or angle panels to fit your changing needs.

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