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Screenflex Room Divider Types

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Application & Use Perfect for industrial use. These room dividers are built to withstand the rigors found in the Hospitality and other challenging industries. Practical for Most Institutional Applications. Recommended for Churches, Schools, Corporate, and Government use. When in doubt, get the Screenflex Standard Room Dividers. Best when you need to divide an area always beginning at the same point. An economical divider recommended for residential and other light usage scenarios.
Pricing $$$$ $$$ $$ $
Sizes 6 Lengths x 2 Heights
= 12 Sizes
6 Lengths x 6 Heights
= 36 Sizes
6 Lengths x 6 Heights
= 36 Sizes
2 Lengths x 1 Heights
= 2 Sizes
Colors 38 Colors
screenflex all 38 fabric colors.png
38 Colors
screenflex all 38 fabric colors.png
38 Colors
screenflex all 38 fabric colors.png
23 Colors
screenflex 23 fabric colors.png
Made in USA
Acoustical Fire Rated Tackable Panels
Full Length Hinges Extra Thick & Strong
Free Standing One End Attaches to Wall
Stable Sturdy Legs Extra Wide Light Duty Leg Support
Self Leveling Casters Oversized Double Wheels Manually Adjustable
Position Control Hinge Optional
Sturdy Pyramid End Frames Added Crossbar & Storage Latch Longer & Taller Models Only
Dual Interior Casters
Lockable Corner Casters Extra Strong & Oversized
Storage Latch
Multi-Unit Connectors Optional Optional Optional
Next Day Shipping Same Models
Top Corner Gusset Plates
Wrap Around Gusset Plates
Heavy Duty Room Dividers Standard Room Dividers Wall Mount Room Dividers Light Duty Room Dividers