If Theatre Ropes Could Talk

If theatre ropes could talk, what stories they could tell. The theatre ropes would have amazing stories about famous celebrities who held them while going through their own personal dramas. There would also be stories about how theatre ropes helped many famous stars get through crowds, or about people who had to stand in line for hours, just to get into the theater.

Ever since theater became a popular recreational activity, theatre ropes became a part of the scene. It would not be very difficult to control a crowd otherwise. These make it possible to avoid the pushing and shoving since it becomes easier to pinpoint the person who tries to create a fuss. Plus, any celebrities will never step out of their car if they do not see a clear path to the entrance. It would be a suicide mission, if you want to be overly dramatic, yet accurate. Fans do have a way of turning violent once they see the person they admire. So much so that they are likely to grab the hair, clothing, accessories , or even body part.

With theatre ropes, a business can even decrease the number of security personnel it hires since there is a clear demarcation line to monitor.

Theater Ropes