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Anti-ram Portable Vehicle Barriers

Anti-ram vehicle barriers provide protection from vehicle-borne threats to a secured area.


Mifram made barriers provide the ultimate protection with an emphasis on - mobility, easy to assemble/dismantle, low maintenance ratio (Low LLC), and cost-effective.

Among clients are: the US Armed Forces (Air force, Army, Navy, Marines), Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Sinai (Israeli/Egyptian Border Peace Keeping Force), the Japanese Army, The US Navy in Singapore and Okinawa, The Israeli Air force, Israeli Defense Force (IDF), various police and special forces, port authorities, private security firms, Stadiums, Resorts, Power plants, Municipalities and more.

Aka: anti vehicle barrier, anti-ram vehicle barriers, mobile vehicle barriers, modular vehicle barriers, passive vehicle barriers, portable vehicle barriers, temporary vehicle barriers

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