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Crowd Control Stanchions

Crowd control stanchions are commonly used to mark an outside or inside area, in order to organize, stop or avert the movement of people. Depending on the location and purpose, it can be a permanent fixture or retractable solution.
The most common uses include large crowd control, wait lines marking, engineering the flow of people, traffic and construction site safety.
Stanchions can be seen regulating the people flow in: banks, malls, museums, hotels, stores, concert venues, trade shows and other big events.

Rope Stanchions


Traditional Rope Stanchions

The Economy range offers the sophistication of traditional velvet rope stanchions at an affordable price. Available with three post top finials and two base styles. » Buy Here


Traditional Rope Stanchions

Elegant and sophisticated, a premium product line manufactured from heavy gauge steel with solid cast iron bases that offer excellent durability. Fixed & Removable mounting options available.
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The simplest design of a stanchion and a rope attached to it looks pretty elegant. They sit on a heavy circular base that stabilizes the stanchion. When several stanchions are connected with ropes, they create a control barrier.

Most commonly rope stanchions are used indoors and in fancy bars, clubs, hotels and are associated with the red carpet and marking of the VIP area. They add a classy look to any interior.

There are several different designs to choose from: metal or plastic stanchions with chains or velvet ropes that can come in any color. Different setups are applicable to different intentions of use.

Stanchions can greatly improve the customer experience. They create a sense of order and composure while increasing customer flow.


Traditional Rope Stanchions - QU7000 Series

Specialty Finish: Black Chrome, Statuary Bronze, Pewter Nickel, Antique Copper, English Antique
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Wooden Rope Stanchion

A very unique series of traditional rope stanchion. Solid Red Oak Wood, Hand-carved with unique bases.
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Retractable Belt Barriers

Retractable belt barriers are adjustable to any setup. They have the simplest design. The integrated belt is a good way to express your intention of placing a stanchion. Therefore, you can order an item that includes a phrase such as: “Do not enter,” “Authorized access only,” “Wet floor,” etc. Moreover, the belt can depict a brand’s logo, message or an advertisement. They can be wall mounted or free-standing.

Apart from the physical barrier, retractable belts are a powerful psychological barrier. They are effective against violation. They are commonly used at airports and police stations. However, there are no limits to where you can implement the retractable belt stanchion as an efficient crowd control barrier.

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Steel Crowd Control Stanchions and Barricades

Most commonly used outdoors, steel-made barricades are intended for long-term use. Therefore, they are weather resistant. Made from steel, they provide extraordinary strength and protection. The parts are interlocked with standard strong hooks.

You can choose from two different crowd control systems: for uneven (grass) or even surface or tarmac. Different options are optimized for maximum performance and crowd injury protection.

Steel control barriers come in different sizes and can be customized for specific needs. They can hold advertisements and come in different colors.

Special Stanchion Mounting Options