Phone orders

To process your phone order we will need:
  • Phone number.
  • Email address
  • Shipping address and billing address if it’s different.
  • Credit or debit card number, expiration, security code and the name on the card.
  • Other details that may be important to fill your order.
If it’s more convenient you can type your information except the credit card number in to the box below or simply email it to our main email address [email protected] .

Payment methods
The credit card number we will take over the phone, it will be enter manually it to our system. For the security reasons after we enter your card in to our shopping cart we will not be able to retrieve the full number anymore, only the last four digits.

If you have any concerns about the security, you can also make a payment for the total amount via the PayPal click here , once we get the confirmation from PayPal we will update your order details and will email you the invoice.

What will happen next?

1. We will send an invoice to your email address (see below), please review and reply to us that everything is correct. Also please let us know if you also need the invoice to be faxed or sent via the regular mail as well.

2. When your order is shipped we will email you the shipping tracking number. Sometimes it may take several hours or a day for the shipping tracking number to show the status of the package.

If you need additional support the best way to reach us is our main email address [email protected] , you can also call, or leave a voice mail. Your inquire will be quickly directed to the next available team member.

Thank you for your business!