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Storage Carts allow multiple barriers to be picked up, moved and stored at one time. These carts store the barriers horizontally and are available with 12, 18 & 21 barrier capacity. Each model is available with a version to take either 2” or 2.5” diameter barriers. Standard features include padded racks, a convenient storage tray, and rubber bumpers to protect walls. 6” / 150mm steering wheels provide excellent maneuverability and wheel locks give stability while the cart is being loaded and unloaded.

New! The only Storage Carts in the market designed to safely store a slimmer than regular 2.5" inch diameter - the 2" inch diameter posts (most rope posts and some retractable belt post tubes are 2" inch diameter).

More details: the racks on standard storage carts are designed to hold a standard 2.5” diameter posts providing a firm fit to keep the post secure while the cart is being moved. If velvet rope stanchions or 2” diameter belt stanchions like the QueuePro 200 or Tensabarrier 890 are used in these carts the loose fit means the post can flip up and slide out when the cart is moving. Putting 2” diameter stanchions in a cart designed for 2.5” creates a significant safety hazard.

* the 18 Post Vertical Storage Cart can hold any diameter posts.

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