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Screenflex - Portable Room Divider Panel System

Screenflex - Portable Room Divider Features

Money Back Guarantee

Superior materials and design are what set Screenflex Room Dividers apart from the rest and gives us the full confidence to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our moveable wall partitions ship fully-assembled and have a three-year warranty.

Quieter Environments

Our unmatched design of a closed cell honeycomb core, two layers of insulation on each side of the portable wall, and fabric covering reduce up to 65% of ambient noise in a room.

Amazingly Easy to Use

USA craftsmanship and quality parts create a portable room separator that is easy to roll into place and sets up in seconds. 38 colors and 36 sizes to choose from.

Tackable Surfaces

A key temporary room dividers feature is the remarkably resilient tackable surface. Use your choice of tacks, staples or push pins to easily display charts, notes, artwork or other items.

Unmatched Stability

No floor is completely level! Only Screenflex uses self-leveling casters to keep our sturdy room dividers level and safe on uneven floors. Our quality room divider features provide you with greater value.

Limit Distractions

Full-length metal hinges connect each acoustical panel, top to bottom, to add strength, stability, and create a 100% visual block.

Most Popular Room Divider Types

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Screenflex Room Divider Fabrics & Colors

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