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Make your space a destination with SelectSpace™ Partitions!

The SelectSpace™ Partition system is a modular metal barrier system specifically designed to elevate your restaurant, bar, or café’s outdoor dining environment. You can easily design your perfect layout by combining the different SelectSpace™ panels, stands, or planter stands. The system is easy to setup and take down for temporary use and can be modified for permanent installation if desired.

Interior & Exterior Dividers That Last

SelectSpace™ Partitions are made from 1/8th inch aluminum and stainless steel; both light enough to take down easily and durable enough to last season after season. The exterior-rated extradurable powdercoat and UV protectant topcoat resists scratches and fading.

Restaurant Patio Partitions

Designing Your Partition System

Select from our various stand, panel, and planter components to fit your layout and look. The stock colors are black and gray, but other color options and color-matching is available. We also can lasercut a logo or graphic into the panels

Mix and Match


More Than Just a Divider:

The unique perforated panel design adds texture and visual interest to traditional dividers. It provides privacy and comfort while maintaining a connection with the surrounding environment. Each panel requires two support stands on each side.

  • Standard panel sizes available: 3ft, 5ft & 7ft
  • Custom graphic panel sizes available: 5ft & 7ft
Restaurant Patio Partitions Panels

Structure & System Setup:

Made from architectural standard 1/8” thick aluminum, the panels are also formed on each side to provide additional strength and a smooth finish. The top and bottom channel forming and spring snap-pin fastener secures the panels to the stand support arms.

Restaurant Patio Partitions Panels


Easily Configure Your Space:

SelectSpace™ Partitions improve upon the traditional ‘stand-alone’ barrier- the connected design provides a more secure, finished looking system while lowering costs by reducing duplicate components. The stands feature different support arm configurations to allow for straight, corner, and end connections.

  • End stand: Starts or ends the partition system.
  • Corner stand: Connects panels at a 90-degree angle.
  • Straight stand: Extends panels in a straight line.
Restaurant Patio Partitions Panels

Structure & Connection:

The stand body and support arms are made from architectural standard 1/8” thick aluminum. The spring snap-pins on the support arms provide a quick connection to the panels without any loose hardware. The stand bases are made from extra tough 0.134” stainless steel and comes with removable leg levelers for uneven surfaces. Permanent installation options are also available.

Restaurant Patio Partitions Stands

Stands vs Planter Stands:

Restaurant Patio Partitions Planters

Both stands and planter stands have the same support arm configurations and spring push-pin connections. Planter stands can be substituted for regular stands as needed, making it easy to bring nature into your space. The planter stands are available with either a circle cut-out top for potted plants or a square cut-out top for traditional planting.

SelectSpace™ products are produced by a 75-year-old, family-owned, U.S. based manufacturer.

Tall Square Planters

  • Available in free-standing planters, straight stands, corner stands, and end stands
  • Height – 36.375”, Base/Top – 10”, Body – 8”
  • Available in 6 ¼” round (for placing a potted plant in) or 7 ½” square openings
  • Extra-sturdy .134” stainless steel base
  • Thick 1/8” aluminum body and top
  • Adjustable leveling feet
Restaurant Patio Partitions Planters

Tall Rectangular Planters

The perfect complement to your outdoor seating area is an elegant custom metal planter mounted to new or existing metal partitions. We offers a selection of metal planters that are both functional and eye-catching. We also offer hanging planters that easily attach to standard outdoor metal partitions, as well as planter stands that serve as panel supports.

Tall Rectangular Planters

Gate Set

Nothing beats an outdoor dining space, and a well-placed partition gate makes it even more inviting and functional. We offers gate options that can improve your outdoor space and provide easier access for customers and staff. With sophisticated designs that enhance the open-air ambiance, our partition gates, panels and accessories are the ideal additions to your outdoor space.

Gate Set

Custom Partition Panels

Looking for a partition system that compliments your design aesthetic perfectly? We can customize the partition panels and stands so they seamlessly match your décor. Select from standard colors and panel design options or submit a custom color or design of your choice. If you need any assistance, please contact us to discuss your unique design requirements.

We can cut pretty much anything into a panel, including custom hole sizes. It doesn't have to stay in that little blank area in the center. Most customers pick that as it's cheaper/quicker.

Price: there is a one-time setup up fee for the design plus an extra cost per each panel. We need to get a description of the design and the whole order and the artwork to give you a quote. Custom orders have longer lead times.

Order Your Partition Here

Current lead time: 8-10 weeks
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Order Tips

Measure Space

  1. Map out the area to be enclosed on a piece of paper.
  2. Give each segment of your area a measurement.
    (Leave space for an entrance or two).
  3. If the segment measurement is other than 3, 5, or 7 feet, you may join panels together to match the length. Use Straight Stands to extend the length, Corner Stands to form a 90-degree bend and End Stands to finish off the system.
  4. Remember to record the total numbers of each panel length and stand type so it is easy to reference when you place an order.

Place Order

  1. Pick the panel design and color that you want.
  2. Select the correct type of stands for your layout.
  3. Add items to the cart.
  4. Double check that the color, pattern, and stand selections are correct.
  5. Process order.

Please contact us if you need assistance.

Ships 2 Weeks*

  1. Stock orders ship in 2 weeks within U.S.
  2. Track your shipment online so you know when to expect your new partition system.

*Stock items only.

Easy Assembly

  1. See Installation Guide
  2. Assemble the system according to the instructions provided.
  3. Enjoy your new outdoor partition system!

Easy Assembly

We believe the Restaurant Partition System is the easiest partition system on the market to assemble. It is also extremely easy to disassemble and store when required. By following these basic instructions and tips, you’ll have your partition system up in no time.

1. Assemble Stands

Components: Stand Base Plate, Stand Pole, Hex Fastener, Hex Key (included)

Average Setup Time: 5 minutes per stand.

Recommend Number of Installers: While the stand can be assembled by only one person, it’s quicker with two.

Easy Assembly

The partition stands have been designed with two helpful positioning pins welded to the top of the base plate to ensure that you perfectly position the stand post to the stand base.

Hold base plate on a firm surface and position the opening on the bottom of the stand pole over the positioning pins on the base plate. The pins will fit snugly into the pole’s corners.

Once they are aligned, lift the base plate and insert the hex fastener through the bottom of the base plate into the stand pole. Tighten the hex fastener by hand to secure the pole and base plate together, then finish tightening the fastener with the provided hex key.

Easy Assembly

If assembled correctly, the bottom sides of the pole and the base plate will be parallel. Repeat this procedure for the remaining partition stands.

2. Layout System

Components: Partition Stands, tape measure (not included)

Average Setup Time: 1 minute per stand.

Recommend Number of Installers: Minimum - 1/Optimal - 2

Easy Assembly

Position your partition stands at the designated location and distance from each other. This step will make attaching your partition panels to your partition stand (and completing your partition system) exceedingly easier.

3. Connect Panels

Attach Partition Panels to Partition Stands

Components: Partition Stands, Partition Panels

Average Setup Time: 2 minutes per panel

Recommend Number of Installers: Minimum - 1/Optimal – 2

Easy Assembly

The partition panels and stands connect by sliding the panel onto the two panel support arms of the partition stand. Within each top support arm is a push-pin system that is easily engaged and disengaged with the push of a finger. The push-pins secure the panels onto the support arms by protruding through corresponding holes in the panels. The push-pins and holes should face the inside of the area to be enclosed. The End Pole has push pins on both sides to accommodate both left and right usage- the push pin not being used will simply rest against the front of the partition and not be visible.

The panels have a row of drainage holes at the bottom for rainwater. Before attaching each panel, check that the orientation is correct.

  1. To attach the panel to the stand, hold the partition panel near the middle in one hand and the partition stand in the other.

  2. Once the partition panel sleeve is resting on the support arm, press in the push-pin and slide the panel towards the stand pole until you hear a click and the push-pin head has popped out of the hole in the formed sleeve.

  3. The panel is now securely attached to the stand.
Easy Assembly