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COVID-19 Updates

We're operating but not as usual!

  • We are prioritizing hospitals and similar organizations to supply with crowd control barriers to manage crowds.
  • We do have products like crowd control stanchions that are available to ship immediately or picked up in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.
  • Most of custom order production is temporarily suspended including custom printed belts, we have many in stock safety message belt options you can see it here in the product description
  • Email is the fastest form of communication

We would like to assure you we have taken the necessary actions to protect our staff, visitors, and the public. We are operating as usual.

Most popular products

Social Distancing COVID 19 Stanchion


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Helmet Based Ventilation

How you can help ==> https://www.HelmetBasedVentilation.com/post/how-you-can-help

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