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Belt Stanchions IN-STOCK

Very Limited Inventory

Important: product Availability and Quoting during the COVID pandemic.

As you know there are all sorts of disruptions in the supply chain everywhere, our industry is not an exception.

Recently we, and most of our competitors, had a lot of large organizations, national brands with hundreds of locations wipe out the inventory of the most popular stanchions. Some have even claimed and paid for shipments that are on its way from overseas or are being manufactured locally.

We expect this situation to last through September and October.

We are trying our best to fulfill orders for our customers, but there are a lot of things that we do not have control over.

During the months of September and October , please keep in mind this:

  • Products are being sold as orders come in.
  • Prepaid, simple orders take priority vs. PO’s where buyers are requesting terms.
  • Quotes - before the pandemic it was normal practice to create and send quotes, then make adjustments to quantities while customers are planning their setup, also we were able to give clear commitments and ETA. Right now, and for the next 30-60 days, it may be pointless to do all of that, because we have shortages and we can’t hold inventory without an actual order. Lead times got longer and every day we do not know exactly how many workers will call in sick with the coronavirus.

If you have an urgent need, please let us know when you will be able to place the order and if you will take an equivalent product if we don’t have a particular product in stock. Example: "I need 20 stanchions with a grey 8.5’ ft. belt, but I’ll take a similar color belt and a different length belt as long as I can cover the same distance". Even better is to email us with the details of what you need and a phone number of a person who can make the payment with a card right away.

Belt Stanchions IN-STOCK

Very Limited Inventory