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Queue Line Merchandising Panels Merchandising Beam, Display Bowl & Impulse Tower

Queue Line Merchandising Panels & Display Bowls

Queue Line Merchandising

Revenue Generating Customer Queues

The customer queue is the best impulse buy location in any retail store. Queuing customers are idle making them far more likely to interact with products than in any other location including the checkout. Our slatwall panel merchandising system allows retailers to convert existing queue barriers into revenue generating merchandising fixtures, turning a dead space into a profit center. Browsing in the queue keeps customers occupied making the wait seem shorter which improves the customer experience.

Most Important Features

  • This is the only queue merchandising system that does not require the purchase of new stanchions; it works with most brands of belt barrier.
  • Virtually all alternative solutions require professional installation by the manufacturer or a 3rd party which dramatically increase complexity, logistics, time to launch and obviously the final cost.
  • The panel's design allows for fast, easy installation without the need to lift heavy panels above the posts.
  • Multiple panels can be connected to create a run of any size. The panel will accept a wide range of Slatwall accessories and the post tops can be fitted with our Display Bowl for increased capacity.

Example Configuration

Small Store

Functional merchandized queue with minimal footprint

Stanchon Basic

"L" Shape

Mid size queue system with "L" footprint

Slatwall Stanchon Layout3

Medium Configuration

Mid size queue system with square footprint

Merch System Panel

Large Configuration

High capacity fully merchandized queue,
can be expanded to any size

Slatwall Stanchion Queue

Customer Case Studies

A major retail chain changed their standard waiting line belt barriers with our system with Merchandising Panels and Display Bowl, they could not believe how quickly any product that they put there would sell. They've tested it in a few more stores with the same results and immediately implemented in all of their 1,000+ locations.

Our Queue Line Merchandising Panels & Display Bowl system recently was installed in all Office Depot stores in the US. What they really liked besides quality and great value is that they were able to use their own staff to set it up!

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Queue Line

Merchandising Panels

Convert your existing queue barrier setup into revenue generating merchandising fixtures.

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Beam, Wheel, Display Bowl & Impulse Tower

Simple, low cost way of generating impulse sales from the customer queue.

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