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Utility and sophisticated decoration — two words that describe the good old theater ropes. The long-lasting concept that adds greatly to the professional appearance of artistic setting is still the number-one choice for theaters, museums, movie theaters, exhibitions, artistic places and exclusive events.

The red velvet rope is a long-held tradition for organizing crowd flow, restricting certain areas and marking important areas for VIPs or artifacts. This rather very effective barrier is a synonym of luxury and elegance.

All Velvet Ropes

All Velvet Ropes

We can make one rope end “snap” and the other “open” (add your request on the checkout page in the order comments box or email us after placing your order.)

Rope Colors: Velvet Rope color depends on the position of the rope in relation to the light. Product color in pictures may vary with different monitor and resolution settings. The color is also known as pale gray, pearl gray, dove gray, silver, cool gray. Rope velvet color samples are available upon request.

Economy Velvet Ropes

Economy Velvet Ropes

When budgets are tight our Economy ropes are the ideal solution. These ropes are made from high density foam with a chain core which provides better draping characteristics than other ropes in this price category. Covered with durable velour in a choice of three colors Economy ropes are available in both 1” and 1.5” diameters and are supplied with hinge snap ends as standard.

Length: (including the rope ends): the most popular length is 6’ ft or 72” inches this rope is also available in 8' ft or 96" inches.

Crushed Velvet Ropes

Crushed Velvet Ropes

Luxurious, Crowd Control Ropes Time-tested Crushed Velvet Ropes with a a solid cotton core remain the epitome of “Class” in establishments all over the world.

Braided Rope

Braided Ropes

Luxurious Look & Feel Our Braided Rope is made from hard wearing rayon and has a soft luxurious feel that makes it ideal for applications such as banks, casinos, churches and red carpet events. We have four colors Maroon, Black, Blue and Gold and two standard lengths 6’ & 8’ but can cut these to any custom length. The ropes are fitted with high quality metal snap ends available in a variety of finish options.

A movie theater is always associated with red carpet, glamour and Hollywood stars. Therefore, movie theater ropes have become a standard décor of a movie theater. However, they’re more than a decoration. Movie theater ropes are often used in front of the entrance to control the crowd flow and for dividing ticket purchasing lines. Inside the hallways of the movie theater, theatrical ropes are used to direct the traffic and restrict access in certain areas. Movie theater ropes are always present at gala evenings for movie premiers alongside red carpets and celebrities’ runways.

Red velvet ropes are the first association for movie theater ropes. However, today, movie theater owners can choose to purchase highly customized theater ropes according to their needs and desires.

Choosing from a variety of options that manufacturers provide you can have a custom tailored ropes for your movie theater or theatrical space. Nowadays, theatrical ropes are commonly used in home movie theater designs.

Theater Ropes Manufacturing Options

Theatrical ropes don’t always have to be red, or short lengthened and hooked on stanchions. You can look for many options when purchasing theater ropes for your specific needs. Here is what you can look for when choosing your perfect theater ropes:

  1. Colors – The most commonly used colors are red, burgundy and black, but they are not the only color ropes you can purchase. You can choose from a rich color palette; yellow, green, purple, pink, grey, white, blue ropes, etc. However, keep in mind that lightning can affect color appearance.
  1. Placement – According to where you are going to place the theater ropes and what is their use, you can choose to:
  • Connect ropes with stanchions
  • Connect ropes to walls

Theater ropes that are attached to stanchions are portable and easy to use. You can replace them anytime anywhere with minimal effort.

  1. 3. Type of rope and rope quality – there are several fabrics that can be used to produce theater ropes, however, most commonly they are made from velvet or velour. The quality of the fabric and manufacture can vary and so does the price. If you want to have theatrical ropes that will endure a long and intensive use and keep a good appearance and color, you should aim for high-quality theater ropes. They have a representative function and you’ll need them to always look perfectly good.

Theater Ropes for Sale

Theater ropes today find their use and application in a wide range of public places and areas for different purposes: decorations, dividers, crowd control barriers, waiting-line markers and separation barriers. If you are looking for theater ropes for sale as a great asset to your business, here at crowd control direct, we offer a vast variety of velvet ropes to choose from.

Apart from their functionality, theater ropes trigger a luxurious atmosphere that makes people feel like VIPs even when waiting in line. Therefore, common establishments that use theater ropes are:

  • Restaurants – They can be used for entrances and waiting lines.
  • Night clubs - They are nice for waiting lines, crowd dividers and reserved areas for VIPs.
  • Red carpet events – Lining the red carpet for decoration and restricting entrance, theater ropes separate celebrities from fans and bystanders.
  • Hotel lobbies – Adding to the luxurious looks of 5 stars’ hotels, velvet theater ropes mark the waiting-lines for reception.
  • Weddings – Velvet theater ropes are a beautiful decoration for the aisle. Also, they’re used for the reception to keep the guests in line.
  • Book signing – They are great for line dividers and crowd control.
  • Concerts – Velvet theater ropes are used to separate the performers from the audience, especially at classical concert events or concerts held at small venues.
  • Trade shows – Theatrical ropes are used to control crowd flow and mark lines for people’s movement.
  • A protective barrier for VIPs – Theatrical ropes are used to divide spectators from celebrities and politicians.
  • Airports – Velvet theatrical ropes and retractable barriers are most commonly used for crowd management and marking waiting lines.
  • Banks – Velvet theater ropes are a sophisticated alternative for dividing lines, crowd control and marking restricted access areas.
  • Museums – Museum rope dividers are used to keep the visitors neatly in lines to enter or purchase tickets. Moreover, velvet ropes are used to surround artifacts in order to restrict a close approach and protect the important piece of art or restricted areas.

o Velvet theater ropes act as a physical and psychological barrier.

Theater Ropes Velvet Vs Velour

When it comes to choosing theater ropes for your indoor or outdoor setting, you will be faced with the common choice between theater ropes velvet or velour. At first glance, there isn’t any difference between the two types of ropes. However, the fabrics differ greatly, although they look very similar. In order to tell the difference, here is an explanation of the fabrics:

  1. Velvet ropes are made of crushed velvet fabric around a cotton core. A crushed velvet is a silk-containing velvet with patterned appearance produced by mechanically twisting the fabric while wet. High-quality velvet ropes come in different colors and styles and are highly durable. Moreover, it is a natural and luxurious fabric that is the industry standard for theatrical purposes.

  1. Velour ropes are made of synthetic fabric that looks and feels like velvet. The constant improvement of the fabric is resulting in beautiful and highly durable ropes. Additionally, they are manufactured to be more flame redundant as they are intended to be used in highly crowded places.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose quality velour or velvet ropes that will be a great asset to your indoor or outdoor interior. Quality manufactured ropes will endure the common wear and tear, as well as keep the good appearance and performance for a long period of time.