Custom Printed Belts & Post Wraps

(For all of our barriers except manufactured by Lavi Industries and Tensabarriers)

How it works?

First choose 1 out of 2 printing methods:

Custom Printed Logo Belts

Retractable belts can be printed with the customer’s own inscriptions, warnings, logo, photos, graphics promotions. This offer is by far the best in the market!

Custom Logo Belts

Printing lead time 2-3 weeks, if you need faster let us know the date and we will let you know if we can make it.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Used for simple logos or text in a single color and is very cost effective. Utilizes gloss ink that helps a logo to "pop

Dye Sublimation Printing (Digital Printing)

Dye Sublimation Printing

Used for complex or multi colored designs. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scannable QR codes. The ink is infused (dyed) into the fibers of the belt meaning the pnnt will never wear off.

Chose a standard 2” inch or a wide 3” inch Belt.

The 3" width of the Xtra belt allows logos and messages to be printed 50% larger than on a standard 2" wide belt. The larger print size dramatically increases both viewing distance and impact of prints (3” belts are maximum 11’ feet long).

2” inch or a wide 3” inch Belt

Viewing Distance

The larger the print the greater distance it can be seen from. Visible distance is important to get the best value from branding, particularly on the belts on the outside of a queue system where the message is seen by passersby and not just those in the queue.

2” inch or a wide 3” inch Belt

For those standing in the queue or close to a safety barrier the size of the belt print greatly affects the impact of the logo or message. Large, bold print draws the eye and improves message retention.

How much it costs?

The total price will be:

  1. The standard barrier with a plain belt price.
  2. Custom Printing Set Up Fee - $85.00 per design, charged on every order.
  3. Belt printing fee, charged per belt, the price depends on the printing method, belt length and order quantity.

The most popular custom belt printing pricing example:
Length 11’ ft., quantity 1-25, price each.

Silk Screen Printing 2" Standard Belts - One Side $15.00
Silk Screen Printing 2" Standard Belts - Two Sides $24.00
Silk Screen Printing 3" Xtra Belts - One Side $16.50
Silk Screen Printing 3" Xtra Belts - Two Sides $26.00
Dye Sub Printing 2" Std Belts - One or Two Sides Any Number of Colors $33.00
Dye Sub Printing 3" Xtra Belts - One or Two Sides Any Number of Colors $35.00

We offer large discounts for orders of 50 or more belts.

After you select your printing method, the belt type and length, we will add the additional cost to your order manually on our backend.

Custom Printed Logo Belt

How to Order

Online: You can order any of our stanchions online, select a “Custom Belt” or “Black Belt”, when checking out, write in the order notes ”I want the belts to be custom printed, will email you the details shortly”. Your order will be processed only after you approve the additional charges.

Or you can ask for a quote via the email or by phone.

Proof: After getting your instructions and logo files, we will create a mockup and will email for your inspection and approval.

Lead time is 2-3 weeks, for a shorter lead time please inquire.

Popular Safety Message Belts in Stock

These belts are in stock ready to ship, there is only a small additional charge $5-15 depending on the length of the belt.

Belt Colors

Reflective Barrier Wraps

Our reflective wrap gives ‘bounce-back’ reflectivity from a light source for improved low light visibility. Options include reflective collars, full reflective posts and reflective belts.

Reflective Wraps
Reflective Wraps

Options: White or Yellow, Cost: Full Wrap - $39 each, 2 x 4" Collars - $19, Minimum order is 5 units, please inquire for the details.

Post Wraps

Digital printing enables the post to be printed with almost anything from multicolored logos, photographs, or even realistic wood grains. The effect of branded queue barriers very striking particularly when matched with printed belts.

Post Wraps

Cost $30-$50 each, minimum order is 10 units, please inquire for the details.

Custom Printed Logo Belt