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Appearance Matters

Slow-moving lines, congested queues, and increasingly impatient customers: these can be found anywhere, from Disneyworld to airports to holiday-crowded shopping centers.

Whether your business is a national luxury brand or a local franchise, in this digital age, aesthetics are vital. While customers wait in line, they will start to notice any flaws: shabby queues, cheaply-printed barrier tape, and other major aesthetic fumbles. The first impression is always the most important one, and you've invested millions to create your company's positive brand identity. Why risk it all on a terrible first impression?

Meet Crowd Control DIRECT, Inc. your direct line to a more efficient operation.

Polished chrome mirrored bases

We think of the things you don't. Polished chrome, mirrored bases like this one (found in the McCormick Conference Center in Chicago, IL) can present a serious privacy issue for female customers.

Satin chrome base

Satin chrome base seen at the Tokyo International Airport. This was a custom request from the client that not only keeps women feel safe but also is much easier to keep clean.

See more bad examples:

Our Concerns Are Your Concerns

In our industry, we understand that safety standards must be upheld exactly or people get hurt. While many cheap products constantly flood the market, ours are never among them.

Cheap alternative products can present the following problems:

  • Unweighted bases: With improperly weighted bases, posts can tip over with the slightest touch and certainly won't endure the pressure of even a calm crowd.
  • Rusty bottoms of bases: if bases are not powder coated or designed to withstand humidity, you can permanently stain or scratch your expensive floors and carpets!
  • Faulty braking mechanisms: If belts retract too quickly, they can whip, pinch and injure bystanding consumers, permanently damaging your brand identity.
  • ADA compliance issues: Barriers must be ADA-compliant at a maximum of 27 inches from the floor. When they're not, safety barriers can become safety hazards.
  • Improper crowd control: Some city & state fire marshalls require specific regulations for crowd barriers that are often unmet by cheaper products.

How do we solve these problems?

  • Our bases are properly weighted to support inclement weather, the weight of the world, and other forces of nature. (We jest, of course. But our products, like our standards, are strong as steel.)
  • Our belts employ a centrifugal braking system that allows for slow, safe belt retraction.
  • Our belts, whether double or triple stanchioned, are all guaranteed-ADA compliant for greater security.
  • Magnetic belt ends allow our belts to rapidly disengage in case of emergency, creating a safer environment for everyone.

ADA compliant, outdoor rated, double belt stanchions in NYC.

ADA compliant, outdoor rated, double belt stanchions in NYC

Keep Franchising Simple

Multiple locations? No problem. Check out our special product and service packages that are franchise-friendly for both retail and food-services.

Without a centralized supplier, your franchise's stores can become mismatched and quality standards rapidly deteriorate. Online ordering from various providers is hectic and, quite frankly, unnecessary. Who needs the anxiety?

Bring your orders to Crowd Control DIRECT, Inc. where we'll help you create uniform visuals and standards across your chains, no matter the distance.

What We Offer

1. PERSONALIZED WORK: Consider us your friend and business ally – we're one company that works for you, not against you, and we'll help you find products that best fit your company's needs and wants. Whether you're looking for soft-traffic indoor materials or a product designed to withstand the harshest outdoor weather, we've got it. With a wide range of economy to premium options, we'll send you samples of our finest materials. We also offer a variety of metal finishes, powder coats, belt sizes and custom printing options.

We know that higher traffic doesn't have to mean extravagant costs — just higher quality.

2. EXCLUSIVITY: No one likes copycats, and that's why we give you exclusive access to your personalized work. Once you've selected the perfect combinations with your optimal pricing, we'll set up a private purchase page that only your team may access.

3. SIMPLICITY: Along with our simple order process, we work with your location managers to make re-ordering and replacing as seamless as possible, keeping your waiting line fixtures in top shape without keeping you waiting.

Custom-print? Seasonal rotation? No problem. We can ship custom belt cassettes to all or just some store locations to allow for seasonal promotions or advertising changes. PRO-TIP: Make your queue barriers pay for themselves by allowing your suppliers to advertise on your belts.

Pictures from our happy customers:

Why Trust Us?

Crowd Control DIRECT, Inc. was established in 2009 with a focus on technical performance and aesthetic quality.

Our thousands of clients, including businesses, universities, and local governments, inspire us to keep revolutionizing our industry: we work with primarily US-based manufacturers, and we stand behind our products. To us, quality is not only a word; it's a way of life for those who expect excellence and strive to uphold safety standards.

Stay in control with Crowd Control DIRECT, Inc.

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