Beltrac Crowd Control Stanchions as Art Installation at the New York University’s Exhibition

December 14, 2010 | For Immediate Release

Valencia, California
Lavi Industries, Inc., a leader in public guidance queuing solutions, today announced its sponsorship of artist Carlos Reyes’ sculpture “Between Broadway and Boogie,” part of a New York University’s Master of Fine Arts’ exhibition titled “I Like to Relate…But Not to Everyone,” to be shown this week in Manhattan.

Viewed by appointment throughout this week, the NYU exhibition, which includes works from Carlos Reyes, Agnes Lux, Jo-ey Tang, Gary Webb and Leafe Zales, will be open for public viewing on Wednesday, December 15th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., EST. at 50 White Street, New York, New York.

In his exhibition, Mr. Reyes utilizes Lavi Industries’ Beltrac retractable-belt crowd control stanchions as a central element in the work focusing on the impact and meanings of lines, crowd patterning and individual directions in the 21st century. “The audience turned participant’s position is questioned,” says Carlos Reyes, Master of Fine Arts student at New York University; “not only in terms of field of vision and direction, but also as active or passive viewers.”

“Carlos Reyes’ sculpture expands throughout the exhibition space reacting to its focal points, particularly entrance/exit thresholds and vantage points for viewing,” adds Carol Bove, Clinical Associate Professor of Art, New York University. “He uses stanchions, a familiar form of crowd control, which act as a relational director and, at the same time, function visually through a grid structure, recalling modernist painting.”

In today’s urban culture, population growth and centralization of brick and mortar services have spawned the need for innovative foot-traffic public guidance systems. In Mr. Reyes’ sculpture, art imitates life: raising questions that stretch, like airport check-in lines, to the examination of individual and societal interactions, priorities and directions.