It Takes More Than Crowd Dividers to Tame Your Customers

When it comes to implementing crowd dividers for a large audience, it is important to understand how people’s emotions tie into waiting in line. Once this is understood, it is easier to jump in and fix things quickly instead of waiting until the area is out of control.

One of the things to take into consideration when laying out the design of your crowd dividers are distraction techniques. There is a sort of science behind the way a queue line is placed. A single line works well only in small businesses with little traffic. Larger companies may consider setting up multiple lines for faster service. Or there is the possibility of using a zig zag waiting queue that could disguise how much of a wait is left. When dealing with a potentially rowdy crowd, entertainment is always a good option – be it in the form of a monitor or performers that travel around to those who are waiting.

The mood of a crowd can change quickly. A peaceful, content group of people takes little to sway into an angry riot. Those who recognize that can monitor the overall feel of their customers and quickly root and stamp out any negativity before it has a chance to spread throughout the area.

Keeping your customers guessing will not only keep their interests engaged, but will distract them from focusing overmuch on how long of a wait they are enduring. Zig zap crowd dividers and crowd control devices that follow into another room allow guests to envision the wait time they desire instead of seeing the reality of what waits for them ahead.

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