How to Use Customer Service Line Dividers to Improve Your Business

For many, waiting in line is a necessary evil. For others, it is the bane of their existence. There are few who actually enjoy a good, Posts and ropes are often used as dividers in places of business.  They could be used for a great many purposes including directing customers, keeping people out of potentially dangerous areas or restricting access to unauthorized places. They can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, in warehouses and for special events. The use of stanchions and crowd control posts can be either welcoming or off-putting. If you work in any type of retail establishment, the design of your customer service line dividers can make the difference between a pleasant atmosphere or one that makes potential customers uncomfortable.

When it comes time to design a floor plan, it might be tempting to eliminate the customer service line dividers to free up an area and make it more comfortable. However, there are plenty of great uses for these dividers that can improve the area and your company’s customer service capabilities. These stanchions do not only block areas that you do not want your customers wandering into, but they help to improve a business’ wait time and can be designed to actually make the time seem shorter. There are many ways to improve your customer service line dividers from adding entertainment to make the wait appear shorter, or to find a way to inform customers exactly how long their wait will be, and then improve your customer service to the point that they will forgot about their wait line because they are so pleased with services rendered.

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