Dos and Don’ts with The Queue Pole

The queue pole is an open invitation for someone in a bad mood to go after whoever is in charge. While it isn’t possible to please everyone, it is possible to avoid the dos and don’ts about using the queue pole.

DO install the queue pole if you have to attend to a number of people at the same time several times a day. One company experienced this horrible situation when they failed to put up the poles and had only one person manning the entrance to the company party. It was utter mayhem because some people considered themselves more important than others and wanted VIP service. This caused a major ruckus to happen in an event that was suppose to honor the company’s employees.

DO have someone at both ends of the line to help out in case of emergencies like someone needing to go to the bathroom or experience a medical trauma. These two people should not be stationary but moving up and down the line to ensure that everyone behaves.

DON’T assume that the queue pole will suffice without any personnel attending to the needs of the people waiting in  line. This will only work if the line is moving smoothly and people are not stressing about the long wait.

DON’T buy inferior brands because it will come out more costly. The quality will show and the poles will probably break apart within months.