FlexMaster Expandable Barricade Buyer's Guide

FlexMaster 75

Light & Compact

FlexMaster 75 is a lightweight, water barricade made from impact resistant polyethylene. FlexMaster locks in position at the desired length and collapses down into its own frame so it can be carried like a toolbox. Featuring two battery operated warning lights and 52 reflective panels, FlexMaster is ideal for night use.

Height: 38"

Length Folded/Extended: 5"/7.5'

Weight (Without Water): 16.5 lb

Material: Polyethylene

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FlexMaster 110

Light Duty

A polyethylene barricade that expands up to 11'5". Lightweight, non-rusting and easy to handle and store. Units can be linked together using a simple hook & loop connection system to create a run of any size.

Height: 38"

Length Folded/Extended: 16"/11.5'

Weight (Without Water): 14 lb

Material: Polyethylene

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FlexPro 110

Light & Heavy Weight Options

With a collapsed width of just 13" the FlexPro 110 model is highly portable and yet can be joined to other units to make a barrier of any length. Featuring a sturdy steel frame the FP110 is available with aluminium cross members at a weight of 19 lb or steel cross members at 26 lb.

Height: 37"

Length: 11.5'

Weight: 19 lb / 26 lb

Material: Steel or Steel/Aluminium

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FlexPro 160

16' Length FlexPro

This model has the same features as the FlexPro 110 but expands to a full 16' and is designed for creating long run barriers.

Height: 37"

Length: 16'

Weight: 29 lb

Material: Steel

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