Natural Hemp Crowd Control Ropes - FAQ


Q: Inquiry for creating a cat scratching post with 1.5" inch hemp rope. I want to create a scratching post on a spiral stair case, that my cat uses as his 'tree' with many levels of perches. I want to cover a portion of the center pole with rope creating a scratching post. I have learned that 'jute' is normally used, to which I have been you carry 'jute? Would 'hemp' rope work just as well?
Wrapping the rope around the pole, but how would I attached it at the bottom and top ending? I had thought of hot gluing it, however not sure this would be secured...The stair case is rod iron...
Your site was forward to me, thought I would inquire accordingly. I appreciate any insights/information you may have. C.B. Gainesville, Ga.

A: Both ropes would work fine for your project, here are the details:
Hemp Rope - described as an environmental “super fibre”, hemp is a high-yield crop that requires no pesticides or herbicides. In addition to its supple texture, hemp is a durable material that is eight times stronger than cotton.
Jute Rope - jute is a long, shiny plant fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. As one of the most economical natural fibres, it’s second only to cotton in the amount produced and the variety of uses. In addition to having bio-degradable properties, no hazardous chemicals are used in the growing or manufacturing process.