What To Expect When You Set Up Retractable Safety Barriers

Retractable safety barriers is something your customers will have to get used to. It is not always going to be something they want to go through, especially if they have been able to get better service without it. There are ways to counteract these complaints or grumbling among your clientele.

First of all, don’t enforce the system all at once without any slow conditioning. In many business offices or stores, there are lines for different types of clients. For instance, in a bank, there are deposit only or high end client lines. These will make it possible for your top clients to still enjoy certain privileges while enforcing an orderly waiting system at the same time.

Second, it is possible that the grumbling you may hear will wear off once the logic sets in. You can make the wait more pleasant by providing seats, if possible, instead of letting them fall in line, standing up.

Third, expect some confusion at the onset, whether or not you announced the new system to your customers ahead of time. This means having staff around to orient your customers, and guide them whenever necessary. You will also need to orient your staff accordingly so that the flow is smooth and as quick as possible. Talking to your customers will mean a lot in getting them to accept your new system. The retractable safety barriers is for everyone’s safety, and once they see how much better the process of transacting will be, the faster they will accept the changes.