How To Safely Choose The Retractable Strap Post

The retractable strap post is a pole that has straps that can be pulled from all sides to create temporary aisles. It is used to create some order when crowds are expected. However, to be effective crowd control equipment, the retractable strap post must have certain safety features.

The Strap - The retractable strap should be connected to a locking device that is dependable and strong. Many problems can occur because of a weak locking system or a strap that is not strong enough.  The strap should also be easy to retract, but should not spring back into the post without human intervention.

The Post - This should have an option of a two-way, three-way, or four-way head so that you can create the kind of crowd control aisles you need for your business. The post should have a mechanism that will not snap the strap back into the post, rather slowly pull it back in.

The Stand - Each retractable strap post should have a stand that weighs down well enough so that it does not topple over, even with people bumping into it accidentally.

The Finish - The retractable strap post must have a finish that is easy to clean and polish. However, there are some posts that have the matte finish which means it’s isn’t mean to shine at all.

Finally, the retractable strap post you select should have replaceable parts in case of damage in the head, strap, or even the post itself.