Would It Be Cheaper To Make Your Own Rope Dividers?

Many in business are struggling to keep their heads above water or maintain its income level. One way they do this is by cutting corners. Does this mean that instead of ordering your rope dividers, you should try to improvise or make your own?

It is possible to put together your own rope dividers but it is an enormous task. First, you will need to source of materials. Then you need to find a pattern, sew it up before you can connect the rope to a hook that would hang over a stanchion ring. Your main problem in trying to make your own rope dividers is finding a supplier willing to sell you the inner chain used for rope dividers and hooks. Usually, suppliers will only accept wholesale orders.

If you don’t have much experience in sewing, your rope dividers will need to be assigned to a professional. This will cost you more than the retail price of a rope divider. This isn’t even counting in the usual sales or discounts being offered on a seasonal basis.

Then your next concern would be the finished look of the rope dividers. Keep in mind that your clients will be up close to the rope dividers. They can discern quality in craftsmanship, sewing, and materials.

At the end of the day, buying a finished product is a lot less stressful. There are other ways you can cut corners such as in your office supplies and use of paper, negotiating with suppliers, and streamlining your operations. Rope dividers are icing on your business image. It doesn’t pay to scrimp over these types of frontline equipment.