Going Green with Rope Line Dividers

While rope line dividers have been used for decades for crowd maneuvering and restricting access to certain areas, there is a new demand for rope line dividers that are not only unique, but also green. More and more companies are feeling the pressure to manufacture products that are more eco-friendly and the line divider industry is no different.

When purchasing rope dividers, there are ways to customize and order rope line dividers that are made from organic materials. Materials like hemp, manila and cotton are all great choices when ordering rope line dividers. These natural fibers make not only great looking dividers but are also great for the environment. These ropes are higher quality than traditional dividers and if you look hard you might be able to find a company willing to specially design your dividers so that they are unique to you and what you do.

Some synthetic fabrics work well too – look for combinations of synthetic polyester and nylon for a great fit.  There are not only rope line dividers, but also large room dividers and screens that are meeting environmental needs. Large organic bamboo products are popular and give any area a general welcoming impression of warmth.

Rope Dividers