How to Implement Stanchions for Maximum Benefit in Your Business

Most companies use some sort of crowd control system that includes stanchions, or posts, and either rope or tape to guide customers correctly and quickly, and keep them from wandering into unauthorized areas. Of course, when you start your own business or open a new location knowing you need these stanchions is only the first step. Then a business owners must decide how to layout out the stanchions to achieve maximum benefit. This is not only for the business, but also for customer services purposes as well. Eliminating the anxiety and tediousness of waiting in line will vastly improve the way a customer feels about a business.

So, to ensure your stanchions are laid out effectively, thought must be put into the design of the posts, the style and impression of the posts purchased, and whether or not to incorporate signs with your stanchions. There are several different types of set-ups and some work better for some business than others. The standard set-up involving a normal zig zag line for the majority of customers with an express line to one end is popular with airports and companies that use a VIP system. It is also used in banks, car rental companies, and lines for ticket booths.

A zig zag line is great for making a line appear shorter since it is more difficult to determine the weight’s length when it is not in a straight line. It also works well to keep people from being confused as to were the line starts and ends, and keeping individuals from being able to cut in front of others who have been waiting linger. Placing some thought into your stanchions layout will keep customers from annoyance when they visit your establishment.

Crowd Control Stanchions