The Disadvantages of Waiting: The Use of Teller Line Dividers

For many, waiting in line is a necessary evil. For others, it is the bane of their existence. There are few who actually enjoy a good, long queue. However, there are few places that do not require some type of waiting system before being helped. Banks, airports, fast food, theme parks and government offices may have little in common but the need to wait for your turn is universal.

Banks are not always the most welcoming places of business. They are not fun like a theme park, or provide instant gratification as with junk food. There is no vacation to look forward to when waiting in line at the bank. Even in the best of circumstances and a long, waiting line is a hassle and frustrating. At a bank it could be a down right annoyance. So the challenge in designing teller line dividers is to make the waiting in line more convenient, and possibly even pleasant.

There is an art to designing just the right queue line. Selecting the best teller line dividers, many of which are portable, versatile, and stylish, is just the first step. There are plenty of methods of arrangement possible as well so that wait seems appear to be shorter than they actually are. For a real crowd pleaser, there are monitors that can be purchased and placed on top of the teller line dividers. These can be used for additional marketing purposes or for entertainment while waiting.

Bank Line Dividers