How To Plan Your Wedding With The Velvet Rope

This past month, weddings have been happening non-stop and the royals are everywhere as well as the indispensable velvet rope. Aside from Kate Middleton and her Prince Charming, other royals and celebrities that have walked down to aisle are Princess Charlene, Kate Moss, Shania Twain, and Reese Witherspoon.

You can have a fabulous and memorable day as well if you keep in mind that guests and family are better off at a safe distance from your wedding dress before the ceremony. After all, you would like your wedding photos to look divine and front cover perfect to remember this special moment.

You may think that the velvet rope might appear to be a bit too ostentatious for your wedding, but if you allow your guests and family to walk down that same red carpet with the velvet rope, they will experience the same thrill of feeling important.

The trick in using the velvet rope for events that are family-oriented is to keep it to a minimum. Plus, instead of making them look overwhelming and forbidding, you could think of them more as accessories than barriers. They would look great after the wedding if you place the velvet rope near the gift table. This way, any breakables could be safe from accidental bumps from guests and staff.

You could have your own royal wedding in your home, church, or even in a quaint restaurant. It is possible to rent velvet ropes to add to the charm of your venue. Just make sure you get crisp, almost new velvet ropes and stanchions.