What is the most popular length for a Velvet Rope?

Velvet Rope length is measured including the metal ends. The most popular velvet rope length is 6' feet long, less popular is 8' ft. We can make a velvet rope longer than 8' ft., it works fine if it will be attached between 2 walls with a wall plate. If you want to use a long rope with a stanchion, keep in mind that the longer rope may become too heavy for your standard stanchion to hold. The stanchion may fall over with a slight pressure on the rope.Normally we recommend up to 8' ft. ropes with a flat or sloped base stanchions (base diameter is 14" in.), or 6' ft. with a dome base stanchion (base diameter is 12" in.). We can make a custom - heavy base rope stanchions. For custom products the price is significantly higher and the lead time is longer, please inquire.

How to measure velvet rope length?

Rope Length is determined by measuring the whole rope INCLUDING the hooks, from end hook to end hook; i.e. a selection of 6 feet will result in a rope size of approximately 5' 8" the end hooks at each end contribute to approximately 2 more inches each for a total of 6 feet.

Can you make a custom length velvet rope?

If you need a rope in a certain length, simply order the next full length and on the checkout page write your notes in the order comment box or email us after placing your order.

What are the "closed snap end" and "open end"?

"Snap" rope end has a latch to secure it. If you have a busy place and need to open a walkway often, an "open" rope may be more practical.

We can make one rope end "snap" and the other "open"?

Yes, please add your request on the checkout page in the order comments box or email us after placing your order.

Can you send us velvet rope fabric sample?

Yes, please submit your request here: Velvet Rope Fabric Sample Request

Rope Colors

Velvet Rope color depends on the position of the rope in relation to the light. Product color in pictures may vary with different monitor and resolution settings.

How to make sure the rope fit’s perfectly when you have to install it between 2 fixed surfaces?

When the rope is used with portable stanchions, usually you can move the stanchion to make the rope look perfect. Note: rope length is the complete length including the rope ends.

  • The most popular option - for a 6' ft rope, you can add about 3" - 5" inches to the distances between the 2 walls. This method has the biggest chance to not look "perfect".
  • You can use any rope or a cable, hold it in your location the way you would like it to look. Then measure that rope.
  • Most accurate option - you can order a longer rope, then adjust it on the location to fit it perfectly. Simple tools and skills required, we will provide you with instructions how to do it. This method involves more work, but you can make sure that you will get the perfect look, especially when the distances between multiple posts varies. Order a longer rope than needed by 1 or even 2 feet. On the location, when you have the posts installed, attach one end of the rope to one post, let it hang so the bottom of the rope is at your desired height from the floor. Mark on the other end where to cut it. Then remove the metal rope hook, cut the rope and wrap the end very tight with a duct tape and re-attach the rope end.

Can we order rope to hang a swing from?

The metal rope ends are not designed to hold weight, but we can sell you just the rope. Our 1.5" diameter polypropylene rope comes in several colors: black, yellow, tan (hemp color) or 1.5" diameter natural hemp rope. Price is $3 per foot, it's a custom order so please contact us.