The Commercial Value of Using Velour Rope

The velour rope is not sensitive fabric like velvet but being similar in looks can appear to have that same rich, classic look to upgrade any commercial establishment from drab to fab. The main difference between the two fabrics is that velour rope is knitted fabric compared to the woven element in velvet. It makes velvet softer and more expensive.

If you have a commercial business with customers walking in to buy your products, then the wear and tear on velvet ropes can be costly. It will need special dry-cleaning maintenance and not all stains can be removed. Velour rope, on the hand, is tougher which means hand wash or gentle machine wash will restore and keep the rope from looking old and worn down.

Most people who eat in restaurants don’t go picking at the fabric of your barrier ropes. The fact that you even have this kind of crowd control equipment is impressive already. The velour rope is a tool used to project a particular ambiance of quality and good service. It can bring your image down if the ropes look frayed or old. With velour material, you are sure of a longer life span, rich color that will not fade quickly, and a selection of color aside from the usual royal red.