Beltrac 3000 Retractable Belt Barriers by Lavi Industries, Inc.
- The Best Choice

Beltrac 3000 has a patent, and once a product has this you know that it's a winner.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Base - this refers to the excellent base of the Beltrac 3000 which sticks to the floor exceedingly well without leaving any marks after they are removed. It also makes it easy to remove and disassemble, but not easy to topple over.
  • Knock Down Model - You don't have to worry about transporting the Beltrac 3000 because it can be disassembled and placed in a box. When unpacking and setting up, all it takes is a simple twist of the key to get it upright and in position.
  • Mechanism Replacement - The Beltrac 3000 has a locking mechanism that is not just automatic and self-locking, it can also be replaced easily. It is designed to let you change belt color without too much fuss. You can also attach message boards to indicate entrance or exit signs, or any other short message you would like the public to know before falling in line.
  • 4-Way Intersection - This gives the owner of the Beltrac 3000 an option for a one, two, or four way guidance system. This is great because you don't spend as much nor bother with long drawn-out set-ups.

The Beltrac 3000 keeps accumulating excellent reviews from both buyers and sellers. Expect 9 out of every 10 guidance systems to be Lavi Industries Beltrac 3000.

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