The Latest Feedback On Beltrac From Lavi Industries

The Beltrac Basic is your 2 meter belt length with an optional safety lock. It's the one you usually see when being used for single line traffic like for banks, front offices, and customer service counters.

The Beltrac Classic has more options in belt, stand colors, and accessories. Unlike the Basic model, this model has a 4-way guiding system. Think of a maze and imagine being able to have lines that can weave in different directions, just like a traffic intersection. It works very well for concert ticket booths or in places where the lines have to curve or turn sharply in a different direction.

The third model is the Beltrac Double which has two belts instead of one. The first belt it attached on top of the post, and the second belt is attached to the middle section of the post. This is good if the line will be having young children around or if you want to make sure to protect something on display from eager fingers.

Beltrac is just one of the models from Lavi Industries, but it is one of its most popular items. They are functional, easy to install and maintain, and not as expensive as other choices. Furthermore, they are made to last which means if you own a business, as long as you get a Beltrac, it is likely to be a one-time investment.

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