Finding The Right Queue Pole For Your Business

The queue pole is an essential part of your crowd control equipment. You have a choice in color, design, and feature. The standard color is silver because of the steel tubing that is used. It has no dress--up features but is very classic and traditional. It is possible to find powder coated black queue poles which are understated elegance and not very usual.

Design of the queue pole differs in base, signage, and belt mechanism. The preferred base would be the rubberized base which prevents damage to the floor. If you can find the one with slotted designs, this would also be good because in case liquid spills, it can have sufficient ventilation to help dry the surrounding area.

Some queue poles also have added features wherein you can have signage like “Entrance” or “Exit” or even a customized message from you to the customers. Then, you can also customize the queue posts with your preferred belt mechanism and number of connections. The belt mechanism can be the one that is easily detached in case you want to change the belt colors. The connection refers to the number of directions for your crowd. For instance, you can have a single line which would need a two way direction, or you can get the four-way direction which will allow you to have lines that turn sharply to another direction, like in an intersection. This helps if you have limited space.  .

Queue Pole