Tips On How To Dress Your Queue Pole Area

The queue pole is another term for stanchions, and you see them in many places like banks, hotels, restaurants, theaters, bars, parties, exhibits, museums, and other similar events. You either use the queue pole for crowd direction or for creating a space between an object on display and the viewers.

Since you see the queue pole almost everywhere you go, wouldn’t it be great if you could dress up your event with more than just the expected, boring queue pole? Here’s some tips on how you could compliment the queue pole without overpowering your theme.

First, why not have signs one each end of the queue pole? These signs could either be directional, or teasers of what’s to come ahead. If you have a long line of customers or guests, the last thing you would want to happen is for them to walk away and go elsewhere because the wait is too long.

Second, if it is a party, you could have cocktail servers with trays of appetizers and disposable cups so that the guests are entertained while waiting behind the queue post. It would get the party started, and by the time they enter the venue proper, they’re ready to dance and enjoy themselves to the hilt.

Third, how about some graphics around the area that can entertain or give your guests or customers something to do, especially if they don’t know the people in front or behind them. It could trigger new relationships to be born, and your queue pole would be instrumental to a budding new partnership. Your event will be memorable to them in more ways than one.

A fourth idea to help enhance your queue pole area would be to have staff around in case someone needs to go to the powder room, or get something he or she forgot. Fear of losing their spot in the line would be one reason for a person to get impatient and cause trouble. It will also be a potential party social disaster waiting to happen if the problem is not dealt with properly.

Finally, if you have a long line and it isn’t moving fast enough, whatever is keeping the line from moving should be improved. No one will be willing to wait forever, so as long as inches are gained every a couple of minutes, your queue pole and the rest of the ensemble are safe from too much wear and tear.

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