If Theatre Ropes Could Talk

The usual colors of theater ropes being sold by companies in specializing in crowd control equipment are black, red, blue, white, and burgundy.  So, what do you if you want orange, yellow, purple or green?

You can try requesting for a customized color from the supplier you choose, but you should expect a minimal price adjustment. Another way would be to get the white colored theater ropes and color or dye it yourself. You can choose the exact shade and work with a sample swatch before applying the dye to the theater ropes.

There are also some companies that market neon styled ropes which is a great idea for a modern business, although it is not very flexible as far as usage is concerned. For instance, you can’t use neon colors for a formal event because it is too glaring and crude.

The colors of the theater ropes are very important, even more so than the thickness of the rope. This is because it is part of the drama of your setting. If it’s a glamorous party, the standard colors are perfect, but if you have a young crowd for a theater concert, hyped-up colors will work better. After all, if you are using the theater ropes to add drama and order, you might as well go full length and use the right colors.

Theater Ropes