Why Do We Need Theater Ropes?

Someone once asked this question, “Why do we need theater ropes?” And the answer given was from a child who said, “... because there’s a line.” From the mouth of children comes the simplest yet most concrete answers, and this one is no different. However, from a business point of view, the theater ropes are more than about lining people up properly.

Theater ropes are part of the lobby attraction because it sets the tone for the kind of theater you are entering. If you see those elastic bands, then you know that casual wear if acceptable. On the other hand, once the theater ropes turn velvet, red, and ultra luxurious, it’s formal, evening wear and a night on the town.

Theater ropes will also segregate people according to the type of ticket they are buying, and this is called proper organization. You have faster moving lines, and customers who don’t have to get too antsy about standing in line for a long time. Naturally, the higher priced tickets always have shorter lines since less people buy them, and this lends the added benefit of exclusivity and priority, which most people don’t mind seeing at all.

If the theater ropes you choose aptly fits your business image, you are then able to maximize exposure of your business through these subliminal tools. For example, theater ropes can either be used to create space or to organize space. You decide. Is there something you would like to display but you need to make sure its protected from the viewers? Then you need the theater ropes.

Of course, crowd control is a real issue when you are expected a huge turnout for an event. Theater ropes are dress up pieces, but they also project a certain amount of decorum which demands respect from most people. In fact, if you think about it, the more elegant the theater ropes are, the more likely to have a crowd willing to follow the organizers. Compare elastic bands or even steel fences to theater ropes, and even you would tend to straighten up your back, and walk with more dignity with the theater ropes.

In summary, theater ropes have been an integral part of a formal occasion where a crowd is expected to show up, and so far, they have worked their magic. You don’t hear much about any kind of stampede in a place where theater ropes are used, but you will hear about horrible experiences with those ghastly steel fences and even the ordinary elastic bands. So far, nothing comes close to the theater ropes as far as class and elegance is concerned.

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