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Buyer's Guide for Lavi Beltrac Stanchion Bases

Sloped Base

Sloped Base
Standard, Most Popular

Slim Base

Slim Base

Lavi stanchions with the new "Slim Base" must be shipped assembled, one stanchion in a 43x15x15 in. box, therefore the "shipping-dimensional weight" is double of the actual (30 lbs) product weight. For orders of 16 stanchions or less, the shipping cost will be relatively high, bigger than 16 stanchions orders are usually shipped by a truck on the pallet then shipping cost is based on weight which is the same whether it's shipped assembled or knocked-down.

Heavy Sloped Base

Heavy Sloped Base

This base looks exactly the same as a regular sloped base but with an added weight to it. The total weight is 37 lbs.



The Tri-Base is 34.5 lbs assembled with a 20" diameter.

The Heavy and Tri-Base can be added to most Lavi Beltrac Stanchions. But we have to do it manually. Please ask for quote.

Tri-Base Assembly Instruction

1. Turn the Tri-Hub Center Piece with Wedge Insert upside down. Insert one Half Moon Base. See Figure A.

2. Insert and secure two PFH screws. See Figure B.

3. Insert the remaining two Half Moon Bases into the Tri-Hub Center Piece and secure them with PFH Screws.

4. Flip the fully-assembled Tri-Base so that the Wedge Insert is facing up. The Tri-Base is now ready to receive the post. See Figure C.

5. Slide the Post over the Wedge Insert and secure with Allen Wrench. See Figure D.