How To Get Public To Respect Crowd Control Ropes

It’s not unusual to be in an event that have people trying to jump over crowd control ropes just because they’re bored, drunk, or just want to look cool. It is one of the top reasons why crowd control ropes get damaged and why a crowd can become unruly. So what does a business owner do to protect his or her property as well as maintain control over the crowd? Here are some suggestions you might want to consider:

One, make your crowd control ropes interesting. You can use unusual colors or designs on your ropes. You could also add some signs that people could read to entertain themselves while waiting in line. What do you like to do while waiting in line? The usual answer is “to be entertained.” There are signs you can buy that easily attach to the stanchions of crowd control ropes. These posts don’t always have to say EXIT  or ENTRANCE. You could have mini albums or jokes. The possibilities are endless.

Two, you could have some people walking around selling souvenir items or a photographer offering to take pictures of people. These are great souvenir items because it’s personal and inexpensive.

Three, play some music to keep them entertained. However, it is important to choose your music well. You would not want to pump them up so they get too rowdy, so it is best to keep it as low key as possible without losing the age perspective.