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Increase Profits through Custom Printed Retractable Belt Barriers!

Custom Logo Belts

Retractable belts can be printed with the customer’s own inscriptions, warnings, logo, photos, graphics promotions. This offer is by far the best in the market!

Printing lead time 2-3 weeks, if you need faster let us know the date and we will let you know if we can make it.

Chose a standard 2” inch or a wide 3” inch Belt.

The 3" width of the Xtra belt allows logos and messages to be printed 50% larger than on a standard 2" wide belt. The larger print size dramatically increases both viewing distance and impact of prints (3” belts are maximum 11’ feet long).

2-3 inches wide belt

Click here for more details about custom printed retractable belts.

Other popular stanchion manufacturers that we also sell have different specifications and pricing, see the details here:

Tensabarrier custom printed retractable belts.

Lavi Beltrac custom printed retractable belts.

Visiontron Retracta-belt custom printed retractable belts.


We can custom print virtually all belt barriers that we sell, below is our best custom printed belt stanchion offers!

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