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Custom Velvet Ropes

Rope End Options:

rope snap end
1.5" Snap End

Our standard snap end for 1.5" diameter ropes.

rope heavy duty snap end
1.5" Heavy Duty Snap End

A brass snap end designed for high traffic applications.

rope heavy duty snap hook
1.5" Heavy Duty Hook End

A solid brass hook end for heavy duty use.

New! Specialty Finish Stanchions

Make your facility stand out with these specialty finishes.

Available for:
  • Retractable Belt Stanchions
  • Traditional Rope and Post Stanchions (stanchions and rope end finish will match.)
  • Sign Frames
custom velvet rope finish

Standard Finishes

1 - Polished Steel
2 - Satin Steel
3 - Polished Brass
4 - Satin Brass

Specialty Finishes

5 - Black Chrome
6 - Pewter Nickel
7 - Antique Copper
8 - Statuary Bronze
9 - English Antique

Please inquire for the details, the price for the velvet rope with custom options will be about 20-50% more, lead time 3-5 days.