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Post Mounted Sanitation Station

General Manager of a health club, using spray bottles on the floor with reusable rags was unacceptable; there HAD to be a better way! Even the spray bottles disappeared like socks in the dryer – you can relate!

How to organize dispensing of supplies, all-in-one location, in a sleek design? Well, it’s a long story.

You see the result - THE CLEANING STATION. Now for the whole story from concept, to the patent process, manufacturing to market coming soon!

But in the meantime….

Discover the essence of an all-in-one cleaning system – The Cleaning Station – “Where functionality meets artistic design.” Created with a small footprint to utilize it’s angular, modern appeal; The Cleaning Station holds a multitude of products making it the best value for your money.

Fits on any Lavi Industries Beltrac® 3000 post.