Issues You May Have To Deal With When You Use The Retractable Belt Barriers

The reality is retractable belt barriers are one of the most useful piece of equipment you will ever need in a service-oriented business. Once you order and put them in place, you’ll be wondering how you ever did without them.

Retractable belt barriers do have issues but these can easily be prevented as long as you know what to watch out for, and plan accordingly. It’s just like having preventive measures put in place to avoid injuries, damage to flooring, and early wear and tear.

The first issue would have to be kids. If they are bored, they will play with whatever they can get their hands on - nothing becomes off limits to them. For this reason, you need to get the retractable belt barriers that have an auto lock system so that in case the belts are released, they don’t swing wild but slowly and safely retract.

The second issue is when customers in line start to wiggle and move the retractable belt barriers for whatever reason comes their heads. Unnecessary movement could cause the posts to scratch your flooring. In order to prevent this, make sure that the posts have rubberized “bottoms” or are firmly and permanently entrenched on the floor.

Finally, whenever there are people waiting in line, you will have incidents of spillages or ball point marks on the belts. This will make your retractable belt barriers look old before their time. You could apply some veneer over the belts like what one would use on upholstery. This will make it easier to wipe away the stains and make your belts look new longer.

These are the most common incidents you can expect with the belts but as you can see, they are manageable. The novelty will soon wear off and your customers will be looking for other points of interest while they wait. You could provide reading material or a little piped-in music to help soothe their frazzled nerves.