Lavi Belt Stanchion Accessories

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This page contains everything you need to know about Lavi Industries Beltrac accessories.

Standard Aluminum
Wall Receptacle

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Standard Aluminum Wall Receptacle

The Standard Aluminum Wall Receptacle enables any Beltrac retractable belt barrier to terminate at a wall or vertical surface.
(Most Popular Wall Receptacle)

Emergency Quick-Release
Wall Receptacle

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Emergency Quick-Release Wall Receptacle

The Emergency Quick-Release Wall Receptacle allows a small amount of force to quickly break away and release the belt-end from the receptacle.

These Lavi wall receptacles are used to attach a retractable belt-end, pulled from a post or wall mounted unit to the opposing wall, to complete the temporary closure.

The receptacle is made of aluminum and includes mounting hardware.

These wall receptacles can work with virtually any belt-end or belt barrier brands in the market.

The following video shows the difference between the Standard (3011) and Emergency Quick-Release (3011EBA) wall receptacles.