Buyer's Guide & FAQ for Lavi Electronic Queuing Line Call System with Station Lights "Qtrac Plug & Play"

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Decrease wait times, increase throughput, and improve customer experience.

What is Qtrac CF?

Qtrac CF is a wireless technology that uses digital signage and station lights to streamline the way agents hail customers.

How It Works:

  1. Audio and visual messaging instantly alerts the next customer in line.
  2. Alerts are triggered through wireless remote, POS transaction, or auto sensor.
  3. Auto-controlled station lights efficiently guide customers to an open service position.

Why choose Qtrac CF electronic queuing solution?

  • Decrease Average Wait Times - Provides a more efficient hailing process that increases customer flow and drives down average wait times.
  • Increase Customer Throughput - Minimizes customer confusion about open positions, reduces service lag and helps spread loads more evenly, increasing efficiency.
  • Reduces Perceived Wait Times - Powerful media capabilities create an opportunity to keep waiting customers occupied, a proven method for reducing the perception of passing time.
  • Drives Impulse Sales - For retailers, Qtrac CF’s digital signage delivers marketing and advertising opportunities to a captive audience.
  • Installs Quickly and Easily - Qtrac CF is technology at its best. Simply mount the LCD, plug in the remotes and it’s good to go.
  • Improves the Customer Experience - Customers appreciate a smooth and efficient process that results in shorter wait times and a less stressful experience.

FAQ for "Qtrac Plug & Play" - Electronic Queuing System

- What is on the screen when all stations are busy and customers are waiting in the line.

The standard message on the LCD screen is “Please Wait Here”.

If you chose “Custom Setup” when ordering your system, we can customize the screen with your logo or slide show of marketing images.

Additionally, you can update the standby images yourself at any time

- What if I need to reorganize my stations in the future, add more or reduce the number.

The main setup has to be done by our specialists. We will design a new sequence (with the arrows and other custom details) and will send you a USB stick, that you will have to insert in the main computer. The cost is $225.

"Qtrac" Station Lights & Numbers

Cashier Station Lights

Cashier Station Lights

For ordering Station Lights without the Queueing System