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Lavi JetTrac Extra Long 65 ft. Belt Barrier

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JetTrac Family

JetTrac Shuttle

  • Stores and transports up to three JetTrac Satellite or Receiver posts for an instant barrier of up to 260 feet long!
  • Shuttle carts quickly link together to form an easily pulled "train".
  • Convenient storage even in tight places.
  • One person can quickly deploy a large-area barrier where most needed.

JetTrac Dual

  • An instant barrier, with two belts that extend up to 65' for a total of 130 linear feet. Clearly defines safe zones for large areas!
  • Swiveling belt mechanisms allow for belts to extend in any direction, minimizing belt abrasion.
  • Belts are weather-resistant, anti-static.
  • Tubing is available in choice of Red or Black.
  • Optional reflective saftey tape to provide increased visibility in low-light conditions.

JetTrac Satellite Post and Receiver Post

  • Instantly add an additional 65' coverage into your safety zone.
  • Works seamlessly with all of our JetTrac products.
  • Heavy base for added stability.
  • Conveniently stores and transports in our JetTrac Shuttle.

JetTrac Wall-Mount

  • Create a convenient, always available barrier over an extended area with our swiveling wall-mount.
  • Extends up to 65 feet!
  • As with all JetTrac products, belts are weather-resistant and anti-static.

JetTrac Family

Belt End Options:

Jettrac Belt End Options


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BUY - Order Lavi Industries Extra Long Belt Barrier Here