Should You Buy a Steel Line Barrier or a Stanchion?

Line barriers are made with a variety of different materials, depending on the need and use of the barriers. For large crowds, something sturdier is necessary. However, for smaller or more easy going audiences then something more simple is in order. Understanding your options will help you get a better grasp on which kinds of line barriers you will need to be successful.

Steel barriers are common for public events that expect large crowds. While they will not keep everyone back on their own, they will hold people in place with the right amount of security presence. They are strong and sturdy, capable of standing up to considerate pressure and weather conditions. These are the perfect line barriers for outdoor use and large crowds.

If you are looking for line barriers indoors to use with small to intermediate crowds, then stanchions and ropes are your best bet. This option allows you to easily transport and maneuver your posts over and over again. Indecisive or need to change your queue line frequently? Then stanchions with ropes or retractable belts work well.

There are multiple line barrier choices available to businesses and event planners. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks to take into consideration.

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