Movie Ropes Don’t Always Have to Be Red Velvet

Movie ropes are so commonplace in cinemas today that they are often overlooked. However, no movie theater would be complete without velvet ropes, posts and other crowd control barriers. Not only do they help direct traffic inside the theater, but they are also an excellent way to add a touch of celebrity to the décor of the lobby or hallways of the building.

What to look for when purchasing movie ropes? Remarkably, there are quite a few options in the movie rope industry. First, start with the posts. First, you need to decide whether you want your ropes to connect to posts or to walls. There are post-to-post ropes, wall to post ropes, and posts that can connect wall to wall.

Next, if you decide on any posts, you will need to look at the different post styles and select the one you decide best fits the feel of your cinema. There are the standard flat top bases for posts, but there are also ball tops, urn tops, and tulip top designs. Not only that, these posts can be purchased in chrome, brass, or matte black. This really opens up your different options.

Last, you will need to select a type of rope. Obviously, velvet ropes are really popular in movie theaters. They can be had in a variety of colors including black, blue, purple and the iconic red.

These advancements in movie ropes allow cinema owners to really customize their space. While the red velvet rope is often chosen the most that does not mean it is the only choice.

Velvet Ropes