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Museum Stanchions - 16" Tall with Elastic Single Cord

ARCHITECTURAL - Beautifully simple profile, sophisticated look & feel
ADA COMPLIANT - Designed to exceed requirements
CONVENIENT - Easy to set up and rearrange
QUALITY - Handmade in the USA
DURABLE - Marine grade components
FLEXIBLE - Freestanding base, Slim magnetic base, Floor socket, Screw fixed floor plate
SLEEK - Thinnest retractable system available anywhere
DISCREET - Visually balanced design in stainless steel or other surface textures and colors to compliment any setting

q-cord art stanchions

These "Art Stanchions" have the same clean, architectural look and feel as the "Q-Cord" Retractable Double Cord line, but in a smaller form for discreet use in galleries and exhibitions, it's only 16" tall. Q-Cord Art Stanchions allow for positioning with either a freestanding or magnetic base, floor socket or screw fixed floor plate and create a clear division between what they surround and separate without disturbing sightlines to the exhibit.

exclusive twist-lock top

The new, exclusive Twist & Lock Tops prevent loss of component parts and ensures the system retains its sleekly designed look over time.

Base Styles

ADA compliance

Museum barriers should adhere to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. According to the ADA, the cord or belt must be cane detectable and located within 27 inches off of the ground surface. These Museum Stanchions already meet these ADA requirements.

Museum Stanchions with Elastic Single Cord For Sale

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